I Can’t Breathe – Charity Shirt



All proceeds from the sale of this shirt go to support the organization of your choice. Each purchase includes a $5.00 donation. Please use the selections below to choose which organization you would like to support.

We have also included an option for an additional donation amount of your choosing. You can choose another charitable organization you would like to contribute to below. The organizations we have elected to support are:

Brown Box Tees wants to be as transparent about our donation process as possible. The cost for us to produce each of these shirts is $10.00. Sizes above XL add an additional $2.00 wholesale cost to each size. This is why the 2XL is $2.00 more than the XL, and also why the 3XL is $4.00 more than the XL. This amount includes the material cost of the blank shirt, the ink used to print them, the labor in printing the shirt, and costs associated with packaging each order for shipping. The $15.00 – $19.00 price only covers our production costs and adds a $5.00 donation to the organization of your choice. We welcome any and all questions about our donation process. If you have any questions please email orders@brownboxtees.com. We will share all of our donation information with the public.

Be sure to wash your new shirt before wearing it!


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